Heat Carbon Neutral 

Offset your carbon footprint from your home heating oil.


Support the Environment 

International accredited schemes are used to offset 100% of the carbon associated to fuel usage.


Local impact

Support local environmental, conservation and restoration projects.

About The scheme

As a conscientious fuel supplier, we understand the challenges that face home heating oil customers who want to achieve a lower carbon future. The principle of the scheme allows for customers to neutralise the impact of their emissions by paying an additional 2ppl. We offset your emissions by purchasing carbon credits (based on the extra 2ppl) to fund restorative environmental projects.

Our home heating oil customers can choose our Standard+ or Smart+ Heating Plans.

We are the first fuel retailer in Guernsey to provide a choice for home heating oil customers to offset their carbon emissions from their own heating usage.

Working in conjunction with World Kinect Energy Services, we will offset emissions when purchasing fuel,
by supporting environmental conservation and restoration projects in Guernsey, as well as contributing to
accredited international carbon offset projects.

Heat Carbon Neutral

You can help reduce the carbon emissions you make from heating your home with our Standard+ or Smart+ Heating Plans. The Premium Home Kerosene supplied is a cleaner, greener and more efficient form of heating oil. In addition, we’ll offset your carbon emissions by supporting environmental conservation and restoration projects to accredited international carbon offset schemes.

Reduces Carbon emissions
Better for the environment
Improves system efficiency
Reduce sooty build up
Reduce service problems
Inhibits sludge formation in tanks
Carbon footprint offset included

international Schemes

Your contribution goes to a number of international offsetting schemes. The projects supported may change from time to time depending on demand. Here are some examples of how your contribution is helping internationally:


Indian wind power

The main purpose of the project activity is to generate electrical energy through sustainable renewable energy means using wind power and feed the generated output to the local grid in Gujarat and contribute to climate change mitigation efforts.


Indian solar power

Orange Charanka Solar Energy Private Limited is the promoter of the proposed project activity. The project activity involves installation of 40 MWAC (corresponding to 53.4 MWp) solar power project in Gujarat. 


Cookstoves in Ghana

The purpose of this Programme of Activities (PoA) is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from this source, by promoting the design, manufacture, distribution and use of efficient or improved charcoal stoves (ECS) which provide the same service with significantly less fuel than traditional charcoal stoves in common use. 

Carbon neutral aspect relates to the emissions from the fuel burn. It does not refer to embedded C02 created from the exploration and refining process of the fuel or the manufacture of boilers, storage tanks or any components.