ATF Welcomes Ruling

ATF Welcomes Ruling that will Maintain Transparency and Competitive Pricing for Aviation Fuel

ATF Fuels (ATF) have welcomed this week’s ruling by Jersey’s Royal Court to set aside the decision by the Jersey Competition Regulation Authority (JCRA), who had falsely claimed that ATF had abused their dominant position in the marketplace in relation to the supply of aviation fuel.  Beyond overturning the decision, the full judgement from Royal Court went on to commend ATF for the approach the company has taken in order to ensure fairer, lower and more transparent pricing in the Channel Islands, saying:

‘In deciding which evidence we considered to be most significant in relation to this appeal, it is right to say that we have given some weight to the fact that fuel prices at Jersey Airport have dropped considerably during the relevant period since the ATF Fuels commenced trading… Customers purchasing aviation fuel obtained a considerably better deal than they were getting from Fuel Supplies / Rubis and ABP in the years before the ATF Fuels started its business…we think it is right to give credit to ATF for the significant impact which its business has had on aviation fuel prices in the Island since it started business. In giving that credit, we record also that we were told – and this was not contested by the JCRA – that the quality of aviation fuel now supplied is an improvement on what was available previously.’

Jonathan Best, COO of ATF Fuels, commented:

‘We are absolutely delighted that Jersey’s Royal Court has ruled to overturn the previous findings of the regulator.  If the original decision by the regulator had been enforced, we would have had to go back to doing business in the way that previous suppliers had, and this would quite simply have meant increasing our prices.  It would also have reintroduced things like reselling agreements, and hidden margins, which we believe are non-transparent and unethical; this goes against everything our business stands for.   

Since we started trading we have successfully brought prices down not only in aviation fuel, but also in other markets such as home heating oil.  This makes a real difference to people’s weekly budgets and the affordability of living in Jersey. Every day I personally receive comments from customers saying that since swapping to us they have made significant savings. I am pleased to be able to confirm to those loyal customers that we will also soon be offering petrol, again at very competitive prices and with great customer service.

This ruling has given us a real boost and has ensured that we will be able to continue to champion fair and transparent fuel pricing in the Channel Islands. I hope that this ruling will also encourage the government to consider how the regulator is approaching its decision-making process and what the real purpose of the organisation is.’

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