A Thank You to Our Customers

Last year the regulator in Jersey made a decision that would have required us to engage in, what Jersey’s Royal Court has described as “unlawful”* trading at the airport, in the way that previous suppliers Rubis and Aviation Beauport used to. Ethically this was not something we would have been willing to do. It would also have meant we would have had to put the cost of aviation fuel up for our customers. This would have impacted our whole business, and meant that we would have had to put prices up for home heating oil as well.

Last week, The Royal Court found that this decision was unjust and ruled that we would be able to continue operating in a way that keeps prices low. Fighting for fairness has taken a huge amount of time, energy and money and we would not have been able to keep going if it were not for the support of our customers.

So, this is a note of thanks to you all – every time you chose to swap your heating oil business for ours or sent us a message of support, you helped us to keep going. Because of you, we are committed to:

1. Always having the lowest fuel prices in the Channel Islands.
2. Being clear and transparent about our pricing and how we do business.
3. Fighting for fairness.
4. Providing high-quality products with old-fashioned customer service.


ATF Fuels, Guernsey

We won’t let you down.

*Royal Court judgment 2018 (JRC004)

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